One of the most important parts of your house’s landscape design are paths and walkways. Paths not only have a lot of functionalities, but they can also lead to many places. To further this, there are various design options that can be used for differing functions. Of course, their primary function is to guide people from one place to another. They can also provide a welcome aesthetic quality, however, both in the walkway’s materials themselves and in any plants that line its sides. Furthermore, walkways in the front or back yard will protect your gardens against foot traffic and make them look healthy and lovely.
Many ways exist for designing paths or walkways based on their functionality and your goals for what you want your yard to look like. A front yard path should be welcoming from the sidewalk to the front door of your home. As your visitors follow your walkway to your front door you can add fragrant plants, like roses or lavender, to give them a welcoming scent.
A route mainly designed to get you from A to B may be only a straight line, but the route can be curved for scenic strolling. Along this curved scenic route one can plant varying eye catching and beautiful shrubbery and flowers. Usually a curved path with numerous plantings slows down the walker and allows them to enjoy the walk more instead of trying to just get to the destination as quickly as possible. Such trails are perfectly suited for gardens and other recreational areas of the yard. As you can see, various path planning and planting strategies should be used based on the objective of the path and the anticipated behavior of its walkers.

Materials and Your Walkways

The function and appearance of your outdoor walkway can be vastly influenced by the material used to make it. Due to the many viable walkway materials that exist, you have an abundance of choices for your path or walkway. When designing or building a path, it is important to take into account the architecture of your home and its surrounding environment.
Choosing a formal building material such as brick or stone is one option for walkway material. Together with their durability and color, the straight clean lines of these materials create a great style that can work with your home’s style.
Alternatively, a building material like bluestone, flagstone, brownstone or limestone can be chosen that is somewhat more informal. These materials are popular for grass or gravel and have a more informal look and feel like steps.
Whatever you’re looking for in a walkway for your OK home, Apple Valley Eco-Landscapes path and walkway design experts can help. Apple Valley has covered you, whether you are looking for a aesthetic or functional, formal or informal path. With our experience designing and building paths and walkways for residents of OK. Contact us today to learn more or give us a call at (405) 531-9105.