Homeowners should strive to create comfortable, inviting outdoor areas to welcome in new visitors. One of the best ways to do that is by transforming a yard’s landscape. Hardscaping is a strategy that uses hardscape materials to build an environment. Oklahoma homes are ripe for hardscape transformations, particularly when it comes to patios and walkways. Wondering how to create an attractive and eco-friendly hardscape? You can set it up with Apple Valley. Here are some trendy ideas for residential patios and walkways.

1. Do the research.

The first step to landscaping is gathering knowledge about your options. Find out what kind of tools and materials are needed to build a patio or walkway. Your choices tend to be brick, concrete, stone, or loose materials such as gravel. Each material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages; for example, sand tends to be inexpensive as a material while cut stone tends to be durable and attractive. Figure out what type of material will best fit your landscaping needs. During the research process, it is also a good idea for looking into pricing, location, and the amount of space available in the yard.

2. Plan it out.

After you learn enough about the material and the area of landscaping, you can begin planning out the project based on that information. The planning process usually involves choosing the material, figuring out a budget, and planning out where the hardscaping will take place.

3. Add features and furniture.

Once the material is laid out, the next step is to add new features to the landscaping area. Features are meant to add more character and make the area look more attractive to visitors. You can add plants, furniture, pillows, signs, fire pits, statutes, and a garden. Part of the fun is stylizing the outdoor area to your own personal tastes.

4. Hire a landscape profession.

If you’re uncertain about hardscaping, you can always hire a landscape expert to help you through the project. Landscape professionals tend to have an eye for designing beautiful outdoor spaces for homeowners. Apple Valley specializes in developing beautiful outdoor landscapes using environmentally-friendly methods.