Irrigation systems, namely those that run off of timers, can help remove the guesswork from timing when to water your lawn. You should ensure that your irrigation system is maintained regularly to keep it in tip-top shape. If you live in an area that sees freezing temperatures during the Winter season you should ensure that your system’s are promptly shut off.

Your Irrigation System Should be Shut Off Just Before Temperatures in Your Region Begin Dipping Below Freezing at Night

You should not shut off your irrigation systems too early. Homeowners often shut down their systems when the fall season arrives as they think their lawn needs less water. That is simply not true. You still need to water your lawn through the Fall season unless it is getting enough hydration from rainfall. Unless your lawn is in dormancy, it should be receiving 1″ of water per week.
Shutting off your irrigation systems prior to freezing temperatures can help ensure your irrigation system is not damaged. Excess water, either in the pipes or the sprinkler heads themselves, may stay in your system after use. If this remaining water freezes in the system, it can cause cracking or other damage to it. This can end up being very costly to fix.

Tips for Shutting Off Your System

Make sure to check the manual and identify the best steps to take for your specific configuration if you are ready to Winterize your device. Here are some helpful tips for getting you pointed in the right direction:
  1. If your irrigation system has a controller, be sure to turn it off first.
  2. Shut off the water.
  3. Make sure to drain your above ground irrigation system components of any water it may hold. This process is typically completed with the use of an air compressor.
  4. If your system has a drip line, be sure to drain that as well.
  5. After you’ve finished draining each of your system points, be sure to recap them to avoid unwanted debris from entering the lines. This can cause your system to clog and end up in costly repairs.

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