Lawn Maintenance

Apple Valley Eco Landscapes has years of expertise in the field and as such is no stranger to the many questions that surround lawn maintenance. Regardless of whether it is important to take action, the amount of treatment necessary or the importance of engaging in special techniques, homeowners are filled with many doubts about how to better take care of their lawn.

To make it clear, we have drawn up a series of the most popular questions regarding lawn maintenance that we’ve come across.

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn?

While warm seasonal grasses develop most in the summer, cool seasonal grasses (like those Fescue lawn encountered in Oklahoma) develop most in the spring and fall. Mow your Oklahoma grass every week and only trim 1⁄3 of their height during these growing stages. In the Oklahoma heat during summer months your cool-season grass should be mow every other week.

When Should You Plant New Grass?

It is best to plant new cool season grass seed in spring or autumn. This is because grass needs plenty of moisture and a soil temperature of 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit to develop effectively. In very dry circumstances, water applications should occur more frequently than normal until plants finish germinating.

Lawn Maintenance

Do I Need to Test My Soil?

The quick answer to this one is yes. Whilst an increase in weeds in your Oklahoma lawn may be linked to inadequate water or a lack of fertilizer, the root of the problem can be tested and uncertainties eliminated. The soil assessment, for example, can indicate a low pH level. This shows that your soil is too acidic, which causes weeds and diseases to breed.

When is it the Best Time to Fertilize?

When the temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit and approximately 6 weeks before the first frost fertilization should take place. The former stimulates the development of the lawn and increases its nutrient absorption. Meanwhile, the latter helps to building up the grass’s stamina before the harsh winter conditions hit. During summer season you will want to avoid applications as the heat and chemical combination can lead to lawn burn.

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