There are many different ways to take care of your plants, as such we’ve devised 4 plant care tips just for you!

1. Choose Plants Based on Light in your Space

Can you actually take care of the plants you love? That’s mostly dependent on the amount of light you have in your space. Check the direction your windows face, windows to the south provide a bright light, windows to the east/west offer a mild light and windows to the north offer low light. Most houseplants prefer bright, indirect sunlight.

If the sun blares through your windows add a beautiful curtain to diffuse its light. There are some plants, like cacti, that can handle direct sunlight. You don’t want to over, or underexpose any of your plants. Plants need the right amount of light to live.

Plant Care

2. Figure Out Your Plant Compatibility

New to plant parenthood? A busy job, personal life and overall forgetfulness can contribute to accidental plant negligence. It’s okay. Some plants can handle that lifestyle. A busybody like yourself can enjoy low-maintenance plants like ZZ plants or snake plants, which will be fine as long as they get enough light throughout the day. These should keep on looking their best even after your next trip.

If time isn’t a concern then you can try more attention loving air plants like orchids or ferns. These delicate plants love an extra splash of filtered water throughout the day in-between waterings.

3. Raise the Humidity Levels

Staying close to the natural setting of your crops helps your plant grow indoors. Most tropical plants such as ferns and orchids, prefer high humidity and bright to mild indirect light. Mist these plants with filtered water between waterings. During drier periods of time like winter, you can create a more humid micro-climate by grouping similar plants together. A humidifier will help both you and your plants. Meanwhile, most desert dwellers like cacti, prefer drier atmospheres with bright, direct light and little to no shade. These desert dwellers care not for mistings or humidity.

4. A Note on Plant Care Stability

Maintain as safe a home environment as feasible for your plant. Your plants can be stressed out by extreme changes. Maintain temperatures between 65 and 75° F. Avoid placing your plants around anything that can create hot or cold drafts such as radiators or A/C units.

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