Have you ever felt like you were wading across a river following a rainstorm or tending your yard after sleeping on your lawn? This is due to water runoff where the ground does not absorb some of the water. Not only does water runoff drown your garden and waste water, it can also pick up pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, debris, trash, petroleum, and animal waste. Ultimately, these pollutants end up in local streams, rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, and oceans. You can use these three methods to avoid or slow drainage of water in your yard.

1. Rain Gardens

A rain garden is an excellent way of helping water to gradually gather and soak in the ground. “Rain gardens are effective in removing up to 90% of nutrients and chemicals and up to 80% of sediments from the rainwater runoff. Compared to a conventional lawn, rain gardens allow for 30% more water to soak into the ground”, stated by Groundwater Foundation. Rain Gardens have native, drought tolerant, non invasive vegetation. Native crops have comprehensive root structures and lengthy stems, which drain surface water down to be used as ground water. Rain Gardens are planted on a natural slope, stay dry most of the time, and then drain within 12-48 hours after a rain storm.

2. Soil

Adding organic material to your land, like compost or mulch, helps to increase nutrients in your soil while reducing runoff. Also, it’s essential not to leave much land exposed in your yard. Instead, attempt to plant vegetation or cover plants with mulch, wood chips or gravel. You can also build a stone bed to remove water from areas with which you are struggling with.

3. Make your Sprinklers Smart

Sprinklers and rain are not compatible. Only one of them is necessary. Rain delays are key to making sure you don’t over-water your yard on most modern timers. But remembering to set those rain delays can be difficult. So take out the guesswork and upgrade to a Conserva Irrigation® Smart irrigation system for your sprinkler. It’s no longer necessary to remember to setup your sprinkler.

4. Drainage Systems Help with Water Runoff

Through the utilization of a properly designed drainage system you can redirect unwanted water from your house. If setup right, you can even have said water redirected into a rain barrel. This will give you a new naturally filtered water supply that can later be used to feed your plants instead of having to use city water. This will not only make your house more Eco-Friendly than before but it will also help with drainage systems.
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Water Runoff