In the early spring, the weather is notoriously unpredictable. One day, sunny, the next cold rain, even a snow shower is not an uncommon event. But early spring is the perfect time for home gardeners to “get in the dirt” and take care of their garden and lawn maintenance.
Here are a few spring garden and lawn maintenance tips:

Prune Your Damaged Branches

If winter has damaged any of the branches on your trees or shrubs then now is the time to prune them back to live stems. In March, inspect the trees and shrubs and cut off broken branches using a hand pruner or a handsaw for branches greater than 1⁄2″ in diameter during garden and lawn maintenance. Make sure you finish pruning your fruit trees before buds swell. Roses can also be pruned now.


The month of March is the time to think about fertilizers. This is especially true when there are no dark or thin green color in your grass. Grass and plantings have been missing out on essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and iron during the winter months. You can apply a light, slow-release or organic type fertilizer that will not burn your lawn for strong roots and healthy new growth. During this time of year, an easy application of fertilizer will really get your lawn off to a good start. For assistance in selecting the best types of fertilizer, consult a landscape expert, like us.

Watch out for Aggressive Weeds

While March brings your garden new growth, it also brings lots of weeds. Now is the time for weeds to be pulled out or cultivated while the weeds are still young. You can be in for a real fight later if you let weeds go to seed. At the beginning of the warm weather, crabgrass and other aggressive weeds typically invade your lawn. When the soil temperature reaches 58 degrees Fahrenheit, Crabgrass begins to germinate, and this weed can quickly take over. You can use a pre-emergent herbicide during your maintenance activities to prevent invasion of these aggressive weeds.

Check Your Lawn for Signs of Insects and Pests

Look out for wintering insects like boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles and other outdoor pests that appear in your lawn and garden as the weather gets warmer. These pests love to prey on fresh, new growth. Speak to a landscape expert, like us, in March on proper pest control and an integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).